A post-modern text editor.

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Multiple selections by default, based on Kakoune.

The whole design is based around multiple selections as an editing primitive, with a single cursor just being a subset of that. Commands manipulate selections which then allow you to concurrently edit code.

Editing is focused on being easy to reason with, even if it takes a keystroke or two more than Vim or Kakoune.

Syntax highlighting and code editing using Tree-sitter.

No more slow regex highlighting! Tree-sitter parses code into syntax trees much like a compiler, giving us a lot more information about code structure. We can track local variables, calculate indentation and manipulate selection to select syntax nodes.

Parsing is incremental and fast enough to run on every keystroke.

Robust enough to produce results even with syntax errors.

Built-in language server support.

Runs in a terminal.

The base implementation uses a terminal frontend and combines well with tmux or usage over ssh.

I'm also exploring alternate frontends (wgpu-rs, skia/skulpin based rendering).

Built with Rust. No Electron. No VimScript. No JavaScript.

Your laptop battery life will thank you.



It's a joke. If neovim is the modern vim, then helix is post-modern.

Is it any good?



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